Meet Honest Director of Accounting Elliot Woo

Meet Honest Director of Accounting Elliot Woo

Meet Director of Accounting Elliot Woo of The Honest Company

Describe a day in your life at Honest.

My typical day starts with an early morning walk with my 3-year-old mini Saint Bernard, Milo, followed by an hour workout at the nearby gym to jump-start my day. As the accountant at Honest, I process bills, facilitate purchase orders, or close the books for the month. And when I'm not overseeing our accounting processes, I'm known to break open piñatas at our festive company lunches.

How has working at Honest inspired eco-friendly living?

Three months before I joined Honest, I lost my dad to lung cancer. I had never imagined this could have happened as my dad was not a smoker; he didn't grow up in a high risk environment and he had no family history of such disease. I couldn't find a more satisfying explanation than he just had bad luck. Then I started working at Honest and learned the importance of using non-toxic products in my daily life to avoid the harsh chemicals linked to health problems like cancer. My dad sent me a wake up call and Honest has shed some light on it.

What is your favorite Honest product?

Because of Honest, my entire household is now filled with Honest products from my kitchen to laundry room to bathroom. It is really hard to pinpoint ONE favorite Honest product. If I can only bring one Honest product for a snowboarding trip up in Whistler, I would grab the Healing Balm. Hands down, not only does it heal dry skin and cuticles, it can also be used as lip balm.

What's your most memorable Honest moment?

On my second day at Honest, our CFO David Parker introduced me to Jessica Alba while she was in the middle of trying different ways to securely pack our laundry detergent. She said to me, "Welcome! Yeah, we are very hands on here." I knew immediately that I would be rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty! And I love that.

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

If I was not traveling to some foreign cities, I would probably be looking for the next best food in town. For those who follow me on Instagram (@ewoo66), it's pretty obvious that I am a huge foodie. I would drive 30 miles to get the best Banh Mi sandwich or wait two hours for the spiciest Cajun-style boiling crawfish.

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