Meet Lead Engineer Justin Ricaurte

Meet Lead Engineer Justin Ricaurte

Meet Honest Lead Engineer Justin Ricaurte

What do you love most about working at Honest?

What I love most about working at Honest is the people and atmosphere. It's either the sheer amount of vitamin D people are getting from the sun, or everyone is naturally happy. Sometimes we do need adult supervision, but being able to grab a quick game of ping pong while trying to work out a tough problem and talk it over, go out to lunch to try new restaurants, volunteering to pick fruit, or getting all dressed up for a fun BBQ is awesome. Not to mention, people have a great sense of humor here, and you can always have a good laugh. Warning: my laugh might carry across the building...

What is your favorite product?

Can I pick two? The Honest Wipes have saved me on a couple of occasions. One time I was at work and spilled something on myself (okay this hasn't just happened one time, but bear with me). I grabbed our wipes and the spill came out. I didn't even have to use stain remover, although that did come in handy on another work day. The body oil is also great, whether you have some dry skin you want to clean up or need a massage — and the orange scent of it is a nice accent. Speaking of which - Mike, we could totally use another masseuse coming to the office! :)

What is your most memorable Honest moment?

There are quite a few good memories, but being part of the crew of the Black Butterfly and commandeering the Honest HQ for the a BBQ our team helped to coordinate with Sean "Morgan like the Rum" Kane and Oleg "The Pillager" Pylnev probably takes the cake. In addition to the pirate costumes, accents, swagger, and flags, we had 20 pounds of oysters from Snow Creek Shellfish & Fish, grilled lamb and vegetables, two types of jambalaya, corn bread, and pirate cookies and booty for everyone.

How do you embrace the Honest lifestyle at home?

I buy fresh produce and use it to juice, and while I did survive a juice cleanse (that should really be a t-shirt), I don't know if I'll be giving up food again any time soon. I also bike every day to work and almost everywhere else I go, as it helps get in some exercise while also acting as transportation. Then once at work, you'll probably see me hop on a treadmill desk in the afternoon while writing some code. Two birds with one stone twice a day, isn't too bad!

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

Is it too nerdy to say I'd be working on something? I really like to learn and build things, so I'd probably be reading a book (currently reading The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant - trying to get back to the dense material) or coding a side project to learn some new tech — I really want to spend some more time with Angular.js. If it's a Saturday morning, I'd take a bike ride down to the beach to enjoy the nice SoCal weather or go on a hike. Kayaking in Marina Del Rey and beach volleyball at Hermosa are on the to-do list.

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