Meet Mobile Software Engineer Tony Huynh

Meet Mobile Software Engineer Tony Huynh

Meet Mobile Software Engineer Tony Huynh of The Honest Company

Describe a day in your life at the office.

I'll play LetterPress or read the news as I walk from our parking lot to our office. It's a ten-minute leisurely stroll, so it's a great chance to wake up. Once I get in, I'll head upstairs and be greeted by our cheerful CS team.

After a daily engineering stand up, I'll then check in with our lead designer Tim. We talk about any issues, ideas for our apps, or question about our current designs. It's a really collaborative experience and it's fun to see him put our thoughts and words and turn them into something visual.

After that, I'll look through download stats, bug reports, and news for HonestBaby. The rest of the day is spent coding, testing, and documenting various issues related to our apps.

Sporadic coffee and Kombucha breaks will go on throughout the day. As the day winds down, I'll head out to the gym for a quick workout and then head home.

What’s you fave Honest product?

Hands down—Honest Stain Remover! This has got to be the best stain remover on the market. It works on wine, food, and even car grease. I've yet to find a stain it can’t remove. During this past Halloween, I had dressed up as Ironman and I spilled a bit of wine when navigating through a crowd at a bar. A couple of squirts totally cleared it up.

What was the inspiration behind the HonestBaby app you developed?

I think you hit a certain age where people around you start having kids -- a lot of kids. When you're walking, you start to notice kids everywhere. You also start to notice that people are talking about kids all the time.

At work, a few of us thought it'd be cool to create a friendly, modern app to help parents track different events in their children's life. A casual meeting turned into a brainstorming session where we talked about an app that could track things parents really care or worry about.

At that moment HonestBaby was "born" and we went straight into development.

What most excites you about the app?

Almost every visual control was custom built and a lot of time was spent on the interaction and navigation, so it was a fun exercise building a unique, custom experience for our HonestBaby users. It was also fun to integrate Push Notifications and incorporate features not available on the current site. On a broader level, it's fun to see accessible technology find it's way into another area of our lives.

If you weren't developing apps, we'd find you doing…?

If I wasn't making apps, I'd want to be doing something where I could build physical things for people to appreciate (Mechanical Engineer, Chef) or I'd want to be a Teacher.

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