Meet National Sales Manager Sonja Bjornsen

Meet National Sales Manager Sonja Bjornsen

Meet Honest Sr. Marketing Manager, Loyalty & Retention Tanya Hersh

What do you love most about introducing Honest to the local retail community?

There are many aspects of introducing Honest to retail that I enjoy and feel truly lucky to be a part of, starting with the absolute passion and excitement that comes from believing in the products and feeling completely aligned with the company's ethos for creating a non-toxic and healthy world for our generation and our children's generation. I love sharing Honest because it comes from the heart, a place of passion, and an underlying knowledge that the products we work with are truly effective and will make a difference in people's lives. I'm also thrilled to work with so many great partners in introducing The Honest Company in their stores and creating something unique and exciting together from scratch. Finally, working with the Honest team is constantly inspiring, as it is filled with unique and talented individuals who are making our launch not only successful, but memorable and most importantly fun.

What is your favorite Honest product?

Actually, I have more of a favorite characteristic vs. product. I love all of our scents, from the hand soap, to the multi-surface spray, to our candles—the natural aromas are all light and from essential oils and extracts. They are never overbearing and don't contain scary ingredients often hidden inside "fragrances." Most scents give me migraines, but ours are so light and natural that I can light our candles all evening and leave my headache medicine hidden in a drawer.

What is your most memorable Honest moment?

Seeing our product live and breathe on the shelves at our retail launch partners and hearing amazing stories about how happy the Honest customer is to find our products at their local store definitely trumps all else. I had an e-mail from a great partner of ours recently that said, "I just received a call from a customer asking if we carry Honest diapers, when I replied yes, she said that she would be right in to pick them up. Don't you love when things work out the way you wanted!" It is so rewarding hearing these types of stories and knowing that what we all knew would succeed is now on the road to success.

How do you embrace the Honest lifestyle at home?

We try to make decisions every day that have our planet and our family's health in mind. We are honest with ourselves that nobody is perfect, but it's the journey to perfection that worth striving for. We have always been an eco-friendly household with our clothes air dried in the lovely California sun, chargers un-plugged when not being used, and our recent attempt at composting, so it was amazing incorporating Honest into our household and knowing that across all bath & body and cleaning products, I need to look no further than The Honest Company brand.

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

Everyone close to me is probably a bit tired of hearing about my slight obsession with climbing. But like most people I know that climb, there is something strangely addicting about the mental and physical combination. It is truly a sport where problem solving and pure movement help me find a peaceful state after a long day. If I need a break from climbing, you will find me in a yoga studio somewhere preparing for my second life as a yogi. My favorite thing is to combine one or both of these with some travel to exotic and lovely places with great food and interesting people.

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