Meet Senior Product Manager Laurel Myers

Meet Senior Product Manager Laurel Myers

Meet Senior Product Manager Laurel Myers of The Honest Company

Describe a day in your life at Honest.

I hit the alarm snooze button five times (no joke), then start the day with my morning ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee with my husband while walking my dog — taking in the peace and quiet before the craziness of the day ahead. I rush to get ready and head to the office, getting my daily dose of NPR on my delightfully short Santa Monica commute.

I get to enjoy about 15 minutes of quiet while I catch up on e-mails from all of our partners back east who have been emailing me since 4 am. Then it's off to the races. No two days are the same. Some days I'll be off to a press check for a new round of labels, or drive across town to our batching and filling facility to check out the new filling equipment and be on site while they are batching and filling our product.

Usually, in the afternoon I'll receive a package with some kind of surprise — new essential oil scents for our upcoming room & fabric freshener, a prototype of an upcoming top secret product, a new exciting bottle and sprayer for our cleaning sprays (holy moly it's 3 pm and I still haven't had lunch!), a sample of our new deodorant formula for us to test drive (yes! you spoke and we heard..coming soon!), you name it. I'll work on new product ideas, research ingredients, brainstorm packaging design, and constantly work with my amazing colleagues on exciting new campaigns and initiatives around the company.

What's the most surprising thing you've learned as a member of the product development team?

Just how much goes into developing a product — and how it would make me feel at the end of the day. I knew there were a lot of moving pieces, but just how many, I never knew. And no two projects are alike. I feel like the exciting thing about what we're doing at Honest is that we're doing so many things for the first time. I like to think we get better the more we do it, but there is never a shortage of challenges — and on the flip side, rewards. There is nothing like putting six months of time, thought, and countless hours slaving away at a project, and then hold the product in your hand and know that it's going into thousands of homes and being used on children for a healthier life. It's truly one of the most rewarding things I've experienced professionally.

What's your favorite Honest product?

Well, seeing as how I'm intimately involved with making all of them, I'm entirely biased! I love them all. But, if I had to pick, it might be the laundry pods and dishwasher pods. It blows my mind how amazing they are. I recently got married and my husband and I got beautiful new dishware and soft, fluffy towels. It brings me such joy every time I unload my dishwasher and everything is so sparkling clean - or unload my laundry to find delightfully soft towels.

How has working at Honest inspired small changes in your life at home?

Small changes? Huge changes! Before I worked at Honest, I considered myself a fairly eco-conscious consumer, but working here, especially in products, has truly opened my eyes. I know more about the ingredients on the back of a label than I ever thought I would. I thought I'd been making smart purchasing decisions, but I took a second look, and realized there was so much I never knew about things that I'd been using for years. After working here for a few months, I did a massive overhaul of all my cleaning and personal care products, and now I have an Honest home.

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

If I weren't at work, I'd be doing something with my hands. I sit in front of a computer most of the day and am constantly on the phone, so I crave being outside and doing something with an entirely different part of my brain. I'd be off hiking with my dog, or gardening, or working on the latest home improvement project with my husband. Like our desk that we built! That was last fall's project. This spring...outdoor furniture.

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