Meet Social Media Lead Jen Kroog Rosenberg

Meet Social Media Lead Jen Kroog Rosenberg

Meet Director of Accounting Elliot Woo of The Honest Company

Describe a day in your life at the office.

My day starts as soon as my 15-month-old son wakes up—usually at the crack of dawn!

From there, I try to juggle getting him ready for school, ME ready for work (I can't leave the house without my accessories), all while answering emails and checking our social channels. Once I stop by our neighborhood coffee shop for my fave Rose Water Tea Latté, I hit the ground running at the office with my team reviewing everything that has taken place on our social channels overnight, goals for the day and week, and any initiatives we are set to launch in the coming weeks. Then I periodically check in with our outside PR team on upcoming shoots and events.

Lunch is usually spent at my desk working, but sometimes I manage to sneak out for some sunshine.

After lunch we skip to a song on our Social Team Spotify playlist (JT "Mirrors" is our current fave)—it brings a great energy to the second half of the day. Never a dull moment here!

What's the one healthy living tip that you've learned at Honest that you HAVE to share with everyone?

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I really took a deep dive into all of the products I was using on my body. Working at Honest has even intensified my need to know exactly what I am surrounding myself with—in the house, at the office, everywhere. Since 1976, over 80,000 chemicals have been used in the U.S. and in these 37 years, the EPA has required testing on just 200 of them.

I encourage everyone to read labels and learn the potential harm of each ingredient. It takes time to do your research but it will really empower you once you have the knowledge.

What inspires your passion for social media?

So much! I love that each day is different. There are always new innovations in the social media space, and you can really forge your own path using creativity to develop programs and initiatives that are fresh.

I also love the connection with the consumer—at Honest we truly care about building a community based on trust and open communication and use our social media channels and PR to improve the customer experience and enhance their life.

What is your must-have Honest product?

Healing Balm! It's the most amazing cure-all salve - I use it on dry skin, lips, around the eyes, etc.

My son has such sensitive skin that I find myself slathering it all over him at bedtime. I have tubes everywhere - my purse, my laptop bag, diaper bag, desk, nightstand.

If you weren't at work, you'd be doing...?

If I was not spending time with my son, I would be traveling with my husband...probably in Paris. I was there last year and am completely in love - I dream in Paris!

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