The Great Adventure: Behind the Scenes with Emily and Meritt of The GREAT.

The Great Adventure: Behind the Scenes with Emily and Meritt of The GREAT.

Our limited edition fall diaper prints are here! This season we had the honor of collaborating with our favorite designer/stylists (and moms!), Emily Current and Meritt Elliot of The GREAT. Today, we’re going behind the scenes with Emily and Meritt to learn more about the exclusive collaboration, their inspiration for the line, and their advice for other entrepreneurs.

Tell us a little about The GREAT.

The GREAT. is our beloved clothing line — a multi-category women’s collection that is equally casual and easy as it is charming and playful. We create everything from jeans and T-shirts to silk dresses for an effortlessly stylish woman that “does it all.” Everything we create is both soft and easy, thoughtful in fit and proportion, and happily nostalgic.

Why did you decide to partner with Honest?

Jessica is a longtime friend and styling client of ours. We are also loyal Honest consumers, and have endless respect for the mission and products. Since we always talk fashion and business with Jessica, it seemed perfect for our line, THE GREAT., to collaborate on a fashionable diaper line!

What was the inspiration for this diaper collection?

These diapers were inspired by our line, THE GREAT., a fashion collection rooted in nostalgic Americana with an optimistic sense of adventure. We created prints that nod to vintage plaids, scout badges and maps, and the spirit of an outdoor campsite. 

The Great Adventure: Behind the Scenes with Emily and Meritt of The GREAT.

What is your favorite print from the collection?

We can’t pick just one favorite, but we love how the Indigo Woods is a thoughtful play on denim creatures and icons, and The Bandana feels like a twist on a timeless classic. We’ve never been so excited to change a diaper as we are now!

Can you tell us about the collaborative design process?

We really dug into some of THE GREAT.’s brand pillars — from outdoor adventure themes to touches of indigo. With the expert Honest team, we immersed ourselves in the design and merchandising strategy of diapers, and then made sure that their loyal and engaged Honest consumers were excited about the selection. We understood that diaper prints not only “dress” a baby, but accent room décor. With this combined knowledge, we created prints that both told a brand story, and spoke to the fashion-loving, adventurous and mindful mom.

How was designing diaper prints different from clothing?

It wasn't all that different from designing clothing! Like a seasonal collection for THE GREAT., we always aim to tell a story through print, pattern, proportion and color. Each design had to have an emotional appeal on its own, and — when paired with the other four prints — tell a succinct, clear and compelling story.

What advice would you give an entrepreneur — stylist, designer or other field — just starting out on their own?

Be fearless, kind and tireless in your journey to succeed. Know that you must work ten times more to be an entrepreneur, but it can be ten times more rewarding, as well. Tap into friends and acquaintances for advice and favors, and always be sure to return that favor — forever and ever.

How have your careers evolved after having kids?

We have become clearer in our vision, more confident in our decision making and more stringent in our time management. We also integrate parts of motherhood into our work (like designing Honest diapers!), because nothing is more rewarding than creating a beautiful product that is both relevant and useful to our lives.

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