7 Superfoods to Eat this Spring

7 Superfoods to Eat this Spring

Happy spring! One of the best parts about a new season is all of the seasonal superfoods that start to become available. Not only do seasonal foods taste better, but because they're harvested at just the right time, they may have more nutritional value. This produce also tends to cost less and, if you shop locally, your food will likely have had less impact on the environment because it didn’t have to travel as far before being bought.

So what’s in store for spring? This season is all about fresh fruits and veggies that add flavor and color to your plate. Spring clean your diet with some of our favorites, below! (And don’t forget to always give them a good wash.)


  1. Asparagus. Simply steam and enjoy or try tossed into a spring pasta salad.   
  2. Lime. A tangy broth is a whole new way to add this citrus to your diet.
  3. Artichokes. Your littles will love this kid-friendly way to serve up the edible flower.  
  4. Mango. Update your smoothie bowl with some diced mango or try this sweet mango salsa for a fresh spin on dessert.
  5. Spinach. Adding spinach to these blender pancakes gives them a (naturally) gorgeous green color.
  6. Strawberries. Pick up some maple syrup and you’ve got everything you need for this simple strawberry jam.
  7. Peas. Extremely versatile, peas also make a perfect first food for babies.  

What seasonal superfoods are you most looking forward to? We’d love for you to share with us in the comments.

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