A Busy Mom’s Resolution + 2 Recipes!

A Busy Mom’s Resolution + 2 Recipes!

This month, our contributors are sharing their resolutions for 2015 and some easy ways to achieve them. Up first is Pure Mama Juli Novotny, a fave foodie and culinary stylist extraordinaire!

I always dreamed of being THAT mom (even if she doesn’t exist)— the one who has it together; gets up early; has tons of energy; drives her kids from parks to play-dates; and runs around with them all day, all with a big smile on her face. Last year, after becoming pregnant with my third baby, I thought that perhaps the third time would be the charm! Of course, with the current status quo, I realized that being on that on top of what happens during my crazy days was going to be...difficult. So, I resolved to change what I could: My attitude.

I made just one goal for myself: NO COMPLAINING. No complaining about pregnancy, birth (that was a hard one), whining, gray hair, spam emails, nothing! I also had to learn how to manage my mood and put on a smile when others were negative, even when I didn’t feel like it. Here’s the funny thing — it actually worked!

Instead of getting down on myself for not being the “perfect mom,” I felt proud of the progress I made to be a “better” mom. My family saw the changes and they were happier, too. I’m just grateful that I realized it was all in my power and took the chance to start making more beautiful memories with my loved ones right now. Try it yourself and see if you don’t feel the difference! (And, yes, it’s definitely still a work-in-progress for me, too.)

My resolution this year is another big challenge for busy moms like me: Help my family eat more whole, organic, fresh, and natural foods.

Rather than try to make a big switch and be disappointed at not fulfilling my commitment, I’m just making a few adjustments that will put me on the path to a healthier life, inside and out. I’ve started with the middle of the day since that’s when I need the most fuel and make the most shortcuts (that means no--or at least less--packaged snacks). As it turns out, it works quite nicely with my previous resolution. Take a look:

A Busy Mom’s Resolution + 2 Recipes!


(NOT Starbucks drive-through or a just a juice!)

Put fresh veggies in a jar and take your lunch with you. You’ll be properly fueled with nutrients that fit in your purse or cupholder. Pair it with your favorite dressing or even a lemon wedge when it’s mealtime. Voila--healthy lunch to go, anywhere, anytime! If you want even more of a meal, you can layer avocado and brown rice along with the chopped veggies. The possibilities are endless...

A Busy Mom’s Resolution + 2 Recipes!


(NOT a bag of chips!)

My absolute favorite thing lately is quick frozen banana "ice cream."

Buy bunches and bunches of bananas (organic, if possible) at the store. Let them ripen until they have spots. Then remove the skin and freeze them. (Sometimes I chop them into pieces for easier blending.)

For a healthy snack, I throw 2 in a blender with just 2 tablespoons of water and blend on low/medium until smooth - it fluffs up like ice cream! Sometimes, I add chocolate or raspberries or coconut or even greens and coconut sugar. Try different healthy flavors — so many things work when you have such a delicious foundation!

So, here’s to putting down the pre-made, packaged foods and picking up a brand new attitude that will fuel your busy year!

Happy 2015!

~ Juli Novotny of Pure Mamas

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