Kid-Friendly Favorite: Tomato Basil Pizza Rolls

Kid-Friendly Favorite: Tomato Basil Pizza Rolls

Bookmark this recipe and keep it handy for when you need a quick dinner the kids will love. Gaby Dalkin is showing us a whole new way to get our pizza fix and it's really, really fun. Feel free to use your favorite whole wheat dough and don't be shy when it comes to trying toppings. 

Tomato Basil Pizza rolls are the name of the game today and I can promise you that anyone you make these for will be hooked! It's essentially pizza rolled up in cinnamon roll form which means you could easily sneak in a veggie or two if you wanted. My version is quite simple because I'm a purist when it comes to pizza. But should you want to add a few thin slices of zucchini or yellow squash, even some eggplant, I say go for it.

To get the (super simple) recipe, head on over to What’s Gaby Cooking!

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