November's Superfood: Pomegranate

November's Superfood: Pomegranate

It’s hard to find a fruit more delightful than the pretty and palatable pomegranate. Evidence shows that they may have been one of the first cultivated fruits — over 8000 years ago! Today we’ll delve into what makes this ancient wonder such a super food.

Why Pomegranate?

More popularly known for their impressive antioxidant content, pomegranates are low in fat and rich in fiber, making them a deliciously nutritious treat! They’re also a good source of immune supporting vitamin C.


While varying by region, pomegranate season typically begins in October and runs through February. When picking out pomegranates look for plump, round, and heavy fruit that is dark in color. If it makes a metallic sound when tapped, that means it’s nice and ripe!


Pomegranates can be stored on the counter for about one month, or in the refrigerator for up to two months. They’ll also spruce up a seasonal tablescape so feel free to add them to your Thanksgiving decor.


Don’t let this seedy superfood scare you away! They’re actually much easier to prep than people think. First, give it a good wash. Then, carefully use a knife to score the skin around the “equator” of your pomegranate without cutting through to pierce the seeds. Once it’s scored all the way around, hold either side of the fruit and gently break apart the two halves. Hold a half of the fruit (seed side down) over a large bowl and tap the shell with a metal spoon. The seeds will fall freely into your bowl. Repeat with the other half and enjoy!

*Honest Tip: Things might get messy so it’s a good idea to keep some stain remover handy. You’ll thank us later.

8 Great Ways to Enjoy!

  • Toss into a kale salad.

  • Swirl into greek yogurt.

  • Make a marinade for your favorite meat or fish.

  • Pop into a holiday mocktail (who doesn’t love a good garnish?).

What are your favorite superfoods? Let us know and we just might feature it next!


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