Pause & Pose: Bird of Paradise

Pause & Pose: Bird of Paradise

Named after a flower of the same name, the bird of paradise is a beauty of a pose. Honest yogi, Jessica James, is here to break down the step by step and help you find your balance. While it is admittedly a more difficult move, it's absolutely worth mastering!

Bird of Paradise

Svarga Dvijasana

Level 3

Benefits: This beautiful and dynamic pose is great for strengthening your balance and standing leg. It deeply stretches your hip, inner thigh, hamstrings and shoulders. Binding, balancing and stretching in this pose builds strength, focus and confidence.

Honest Tip: This is one of those poses that requires you to go slow and move in stages. If your alignment is off, everything will be challenged! The good news is that the action that you need in your legs to get this pose, is the same action that we practice in warrior two. Externally rotate your front/lifted leg while you press the head of your standing thigh bone straight back. This way, your legs are stabilizing your pelvis by moving in opposite directions towards your midline. Once your legs are activated, your spine can grow tall. Make sure that both of your shoulder blades are sliding down your back before your try to straighten your lifted leg. If straightening your lifted leg starts to threaten the integrity of your alignment, just work the pose with your lifted leg bent. Eventually you will gain the flexibility to practice the full expression of the pose.

Now go pause, pose and find peace.

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