Pause & Pose: Extended Side Angle Variation

Pause & Pose: Extended Side Angle Variation

Get your stretch break in with Honest yogi, Jessica James! This engaging pose is a perfect afternoon pick me up.

Extended Side Angle Pose Variation

Utthita Parsvakonasana Variation

Level 2

Benefits: This variation of extended side angle pose strengthens your side body, legs, core and pelvic floor while stretching your ankles, back, inner thigh and upper side body. Adding the lifted arm is an empowering way to bring a little heat to this pose.

Tip: To safely add the extended bottom arm in this pose, start by building stability in your legs first. Externally rotate your front thighbone while you press the head of your back thighbone straight back. This creates stability in your pelvis because your front leg is moving one direction towards the midline of your body, while your back leg is moving towards the midline from the other direction. To enjoy the most extension possible in this pose, really ground through the back edge of your back foot, while you roll the rib cage on your lower side towards the sky. The little addition of the lower arm extended asks every part of your body to engage a a lot more, so be sure that you are breathing deeply!

Now go pause, pose and find peace.

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