Pause & Pose: Flying Pigeon

Pause & Pose: Flying Pigeon

This isn't an April Fools joke — you really can do this pose! The flying pigeon is a balancing act that strengthens your arms and abs. Follow the expert tips below as you work towards mastering this move.

Flying Pigeon

Eka Pada Galavasana  

Level 3

Benefits: Flying Pigeon is one of the easier asymmetrical arm balances because of the base the lower leg creates. It strengthens your arms, chest, stomach and shoulders while stretching your hips and hamstrings. Your balance, focus, and confidence will strengthen with the practice of this pose.

Honest Tip: With all arm balances, getting lift off is more about reaching your heart forward than it is about jumping the back leg off of the ground. For stability, really flex the foot of your lower leg and hook it around the back of your arm. Send energy to your back leg by lifting the head of the femur of your lifted leg up into your pelvis while you push through the ball of your foot. Remember to have fun and keep trying — when it comes together it's like riding a bike.

No go pause, pose and find peace.

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