Pause & Pose: Forward Fold Variation

Pause & Pose: Forward Fold Variation

Get ready for the Fourth with a forward fold! Honest yogi, Jessica James, is here to teach us this simple and satisfying stretch. It’s a great way to loosen up before the long weekend.

Forward Fold Variation

Level 1

Benefits: I love this version of a forward fold and I practice it almost every day. It stretches the backs of your legs, the muscles in your back and creates space in your neck. The added clasp on the base of your skull allows gravity to stretch your whole back body slowly, while creating space in the disks in your spine. It feels amazing and is a great way to start any practice.

Tip: The added clasp of the hands in this pose becomes extra effective if you allow the weight of your hands to pull the crown of your head down towards the floor. Really let your head hang and be sure to avoid trying to get your face to your shins. Trying to bring your face towards your shins will activate your neck muscles instead of allowing a sweet passive stretch to take over. Try to keep your hips over your ankles by shifting your weight into the balls of your feet.

Now go pause, pose and find peace.

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