Pause & Pose: Full Straddle

Pause & Pose: Full Straddle

We're delighted to introduce a new series with our resident yogi, Jessie James of We Heart Yoga! We call it Pause & Pose: We've asked this mother of two to find a moment of peace (good luck!), pause for a rejuvenating yoga pose and take a snapshot wherever inspiration strikes. And, yes, (sometimes) the kid stays in the picture!

This weekly series will give you the name of the pose, the level of difficulty (not that yoga gets any easier, which is a good thing) and the physical and mental health benefits. This week, Jessie James and her daughter, Ava, take a moment to reach out and relax together:

Full Straddle_LOWRES

Full Straddle Pose

Upavishta Konasana

Level 1


Full straddle stretches your hamstrings and groins, while strengthening your core and lengthening your spine.

Honest Tip:

If this is extremely uncomfortable, sit on a bolster or folded up blanket and only fold as far as feels safe for your back.

Thanks to Jessie James (and Ava). Now go pause, pose and find peace!

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