Pause & Pose: Handstand Scorpion

Pause & Pose: Handstand Scorpion

We've just about made it through the first month of the year so we're kicking our feet up... literally. While it's by no means a beginner pose, the Handstand Scorpion is definitely an excellent one to work towards. Honest yogi Jessica James is here to break down the basics. 

Handstand Scorpion

Vrschikasana B

Level 3

Benefits: Scorpion pose is an incredibly challenging yet equally rewarding pose. It requires strength, flexibility, and balance. Adding a backbend to a handstand creates a beautiful pose that helps build strength in your arms and core while opening your heart and front body. This pose tests your balance, concentration, and confidence.

Honest Tip: Don’t hold your breath in this pose! You must breathe deeply if you want to hold this pose for any length of time. If you are just beginning work on this pose, practice against the wall. Find your handstand with your feet against the wall then start to find the upper back bend by reaching your heart and looking up the wall behind you. Engage your low belly and bend your legs into the full expression of the pose. Think less about getting your feet to your head and more about engaging your low belly. This will encourage an even backbend which will provide more support for your lower back.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace.

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