Pause & Pose: Headstand With Legs in Full Lotus

Pause & Pose: Headstand With Legs in Full Lotus

Remember how much fun it was to do headstands as a kid? This week, resident yogi Jessie James of We Heart Yoga shows us it's even more fun to do it with your kid!

Headstand With Legs in Full Lotus

Salamba Sirsasana With Padmasana

Level 3


A headstand strengthens your arms neck and spine. Padmasana (the cross-legged lotus position) stretches your ankles, hips and inner thighs. Standing on your head stimulates your pituitary gland and pineal glands as well as improving circulation from toes to head.

Honest Tip: 

To protect your neck, be sure to have most of your weight in your forearms and not on your head. If you're new to yoga, use a wall for balance.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace!

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