Pause & Pose: Legs Up Pose

Pause & Pose: Legs Up Pose

This week's pose, from yogi and Honest mom Jessie James, is an easy one that will help stretch out your lower back. Try the legs up pose on a block like this, or simply against a wall in your home -- this restorative pose can be done either way!

Legs Up Pose

Legs Up

Viparita Karani

Level 1

Benefits: This pose can be done with a block as pictured, or with your legs up against a wall. It's a gentle inversion that slowly stretches the backs of your legs while releasing low back tension. This pose is great for restoring tired legs and also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and mild depression. 

Honest Tip: Play around with the height of the block or try it against a wall with a bolster. This is a restorative pose so make sure you are comfortable enough to stay in the pose for 3-10 minutes.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace. 

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