Pause & Pose: Lotus Pose

Pause & Pose: Lotus Pose

The long weekend is finally here! Before the fun begins, find a moment of peace with Honest yogi, Jessica James. Today she is teaching us the Lotus Pose -- the quintessential seated move for meditation. 

Lotus Pose


Level 2

Benefits: Lotus pose is an almost universal symbol of yoga and meditation. It is an active seated pose that stretches your ankles and feet. It creates a grounded seat that encourages your spines to grow tall while strengthening your back muscles. Lotus pose calms your mind and can be helpful during hormonal discomfort and sciatica. It is said that Lotus pose awakens your "kundalini energy" which is primal energy located at the base of your spine.

Honest Tip: I consider this a level two pose because it is not easily accessible to everyone. If this is a challenge practice one foot at a time and go slow, allowing your ankles and feet to open at their own pace. Propping your hips up on a bolster or blankets will help as well. To protect your ankles in this pose, really flex your feet. This will create stability in your joints avoiding the common over stretching of your ankle ligaments and tendons.

Now go pause, pose and find peace. Have a relaxing and restful weekend!

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