Pause & Pose: Reclined Spinal Twist

Pause & Pose: Reclined Spinal Twist

It's time to twist our way into the long weekend! Today's pose is a satisfying stretch that will have you feeling relaxed and ready for anything. Take a deep breathe and unwind.

Reclined Spinal Twist

Supta Matsyendrasana

Level 2

Benefits: This bound supine spinal twist stretches and squeezes your entire mid body from your pelvis to your neck. It is an excellent way to wind your practice down as it lengthens and soothes your spine. This pose is therapeutic for back pain, stiffness and anxiety.

Honest Tip: The bind in this pose acts as a lovely self adjustment. Keeping your shoulder on the ground is more important than trying to touch your knee to the ground across from you. To optimize the length in your spine, descend the femur of your top leg away from you while you press your shoulder blades into the floor. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain or degenerative disk disease, please consult your physician before practicing this pose. 

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