Pause and Pose: Seated Hand to Big Toe Pose

Pause and Pose: Seated Hand to Big Toe Pose

In light of upcoming 4th of July festivities, we're going easy on you today! This pose, demonstrated by our favorite yogi Jessica James, is a great alternative to the standing version. Use the simple stretch to strengthen your core and back.

Seated Hand to Big Toe Pose

Padangusthasana Variation

Level 1

Benefits: This pose stretches your hamstrings, while you twist your torso open. It strengthens your spine and core and opens your chest and shoulders. It's also a great preparatory pose for the ultimate yogi core pose, Navasana.

Honest Tip: This is the perfect pose for exploring the relationship between descending femurs and a straight stacked spine. Descend the femur of your lifted leg toward the ground and discover how this action helps to stack your spine and get your shoulders on your back. While you twist open, make sure to scissor your legs so that the hip of your lifted leg doesn't scoot forward. If your hamstrings are tight, use a strap or a towel so that you can focus on a straight spine with a moderate hamstring stretch.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace. Enjoy the holiday!

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