Pause & Pose: Side Bending Mountain Pose

Pause & Pose: Side Bending Mountain Pose

While we hate to admit it, the holidays can be a stressful time of year! Take a moment to yourself with this rejuvenating pose from Honest yogi, Jessica James. It's especially beneficial if you find yourself suffering from lower back pain.

Side Bending Mountain Pose

Parsva Tadasana

Level 1

Benefits: As simple as this pose seems, it becomes a very important stretch if you sit all day in front of a computer. It stretches the often missed deep abdominal muscle, quadrates lumborum, or QL. Because this abdominal muscle is so deep it is often referred to as a back muscle, which, when tight from sitting too long, can create lower back pain. This stretch creates length and mobility in your spine and side body, while strengthening your core.

Honest Tip: Because this pose seems so simple, the alignment is often overlooked. For the stretch to actually effect your QL and the muscles in your side body you have to be sure that you are not taking the stretch in your joints. What often happens is the low back sways, the front ribs pop out, and the shoulder head comes out of socket. Instead, keep your pelvis neutral, let your inner thighs soften back, then engage your low belly to sustain a neutral pelvis. Next, pull your shoulder into socket and slide your shoulder blades down your back while you knit your front ribs in. Once you have built muscular support around your spine, reach up to the side making sure you never lose the engagement of your core or the stability in your pelvis.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace! Remember to breathe. 

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