Pause & Pose: Supported Reclined Hero

Pause & Pose: Supported Reclined Hero

Let's stretch it out! Today our favorite yogi, Jessie James of WeHeartYoga, is demonstrating the Supported Reclined Hero. It's a deep restorative stretch, great for post-workout.

Supported Reclined Hero

Supta Virasana

Level 2

Benefits: Reclined hero pose can seem impossible if you have knee, back, or ankle problems. Once you add props to this pose it becomes accessible to most people. Sit on a block bolster or folded up blankets, lean back onto your forearms, and rest your head on a block. This version of the pose will stretch your quads, psoas, hip flexors, and abdominals. Use this pose for relief from menstrual cramps, or to counter intense workouts.

Honest Tip: This is intended to be a restorative pose, so add as many props as you need to make this comfortable enough to stay in it for 3-10 minutes.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace.

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