Pause & Pose: Tripod Headstand

Pause & Pose: Tripod Headstand

Happy Friday, everyone! Get your weekend started early with this tripod headstand, as demonstrated by Jessie James of WeHeartYoga. It's a challenging -- yet extremely rewarding -- pose.

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Tripod Headstand

Sirsasana II

Level 3

Benefits: Tripod Headstand has a slightly different arm set up than the traditional headstand. It challenges your balance while you strengthen your core, arms, neck, and shoulders. Turning yourself upside down in this pose builds confidence, improves circulation, and can help relieve headaches.

Tip: The most important thing to remember in this pose is to get your shoulder blades sliding down your back (up towards the sky) while you keep your body weight in your hands, your core engaged, and your legs active. If you find that your are putting most of your weight on the crown of your head, modify by bringing your knees to the back of your arms. Work with the modified pose until you feel confident that you can protect your neck and keep most of your body weight in your hands and core.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace!

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