Pause & Pose: Twisted Down Dog

Pause & Pose: Twisted Down Dog

Happy (almost) Halloween! Stretch it out with Jessie James today, and you won't feel as bad about indulging in the seasonal sweets tomorrow. This pose might look a little funky, but give it a shot -- it's a lot easier than it appears.

Twisted Down Dog

Adho Mukah Svanasana Variation

Level 1

Benefits: This pose will challenge your balance while lengthening and strengthening the entire side of your body. Twisted down dog also works to gently tone the abdomen which can help improve blood circulation.

Tips: If this pose is too challenging, step your feet a little closer to your hands — this will lessen the distance required to grab your ankle. Let your head hang and be sure to keep your stabilizing shoulder in its socket. As with all twists, keep your hips square by lifting the hip you are twisting away from up.

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