Pause & Pose: Twisted Low Lunge

Pause & Pose: Twisted Low Lunge

Twist your way into the weekend with Honest yogi, Jessica James! This beginner-level lunge is a deeply satisfying stretch that feels especially great after a long day. 

Twisted Low Lunge

Anjaneyasana Variation

Level 1

Benefits: This variation of a low lunge feels amazing! It deeply stretches your psoas and the quad of your back leg, while adding a twist in your spine. The twist opens your chest to the sky and helps keep the discs in your spine mobile and healthy. This pose is my favorite way to stretch the quad and psoas because you can use the weight of shifting your hips forward to control the intensity of the stretch.

Honest Tip: With all twists make sure you lift the hip you are twisting away from, so that the disks in your spine really have the opportunity experience full range of motion. If you can't reach your back foot you can always use a strap. If you want to go further you can bring your supporting forearm to the ground. Wherever you are with the pose remember to breath long and full deep breaths through your nose

Now go pause, pose and find peace.

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