Pause & Pose: Upright Seated Angle Pose

Pause & Pose: Upright Seated Angle Pose

Find your focus with Honest yogi Jessica James (of WeHeartYoga) as we roll into the final weekend of February. This strengthening stretch is a fun way to work your core and rebalance after a long day. Enjoy!

Upright Seated Angle Pose

Urdhva Upavishta Konasana

Level 2

Benefits: This fun pose stretches your hamstrings and ankles while strengthening your core and back muscles. It is a balancing pose that works your concentration while providing a deep hamstring stretch.

Honest Tip: If you have very tight hamstrings, make sure that you are warm before you begin. The balance in this pose can be tricky and often the spine rounds in an effort to stay up. To encourage a straight spine in this pose, externally rotate both femurs while you slide your shoulder blades down your back and engage your core muscles. If you roll back, laugh and try again!

No go pause, pose and find peace.

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