Pause & Pose: Upward Salute

Pause & Pose: Upward Salute

Ready to welcome in the weekend? The upward salute is just the pose to help you do that. Honest yogi, Jessica James, is showing us how to get the most out of this simple stretch.

Upward Salute

Urdhva Hastasana

Level 1


This simple pose stretches your shoulders and armpits while lengthening your spine and helping to improve your digestion. When done with attention to detail, this pose can give you deeper understanding about the structure of your spine and it's natural curves.

Honest Tip:

As a yoga instructor I have done many workshops devoted to this pose. It seems so simple, but -- when you get down to the details -- you find that what was once just standing can be a whole lot of work. When you raise your arms above your head, you'll often feel tempted to arch your back. This may feel good momentarily, but you'll miss the beautiful work of this pose. The trick here is to stack your spine, while honoring its natural curves.

Stack your head on top of your spine by slightly tucking your chin and lifting your skull up and back, as if you are wearing a high ponytail and someone is pulling it up and back. Then, pull your front ribs in while you press the tips of your shoulder blades toward your heart. Your shoulder blades should make an almond shape on your back, while you press the lower tips toward your heart. This pulls your front body to your back body, which supports your spine. Let your inner thighs roll back slightly and relax your glutes. This should allow your lower back to find it's natural curves. Let your palms face toward each other, while you pull your shoulder heads into their sockets.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace!

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