Pause & Pose: Vinyasa Flow

Pause & Pose: Vinyasa Flow

How is it already May? The year is flying by, but luckily Honest mom and yogi Jessie James is here to help us catch our breath! This week is all about the Vinyasa Flow, which is actually a series of poses meant to benefit the mind and body.

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Benefit: Vinyasa is a series of poses linked together by breath. In modern "Vinyasa Flow" classes you will hear your yoga teach say over and over again, "move through your flow" or "move through your vinyasa." Traditionally this consists of 3 poses. Plank pose, chaturanga, and upward facing dog, and then it is usually finished with a downward facing dog pose. Linking breath per movement in this way can actually replicate the benefits for your heart and body that a cardiovascular exercise would produce.

Honest Tip: Feel free to modify your flow. Drop your knees in plank to chaturanga, and use cobra instead of upward facing dog. If you are feeling very low energy you can always skip the flow all together and go straight back to down dog. Allowing yourself to modify gives you the power to control the intensity of your yoga on a day to day basis.

Now go pause, pose, and find your flow!

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