Pause & Pose: Warrior III

Pause & Pose: Warrior III

If you're looking for a good, all-in-one pose, Warrior III might just be the move for you! Demonstrated by Honest yogi Jessica James, this stretch is designed to help improve your balance and posture, while strengthening muscles all over your body. It's a refreshing pose that can help you regain your center, amongst the chaos of everyday life.

Warrior III


Level 2


This dynamic pose works to strengthen your legs, ankles, back, and abdominals all at the same time! It also challenges your balance, and helps improve your posture by simultaneously lengthening and strengthening the muscles in your back and around your spine.

Honest Tip:

The trick in this pose it to keep your hips square. Because your balance is challenged, your lifted leg might try to open to compensate. Instead, press the head of the thigh bone of your standing leg back while you lift the head of the thighbone of your raised leg up into your pelvis. This will help to square your hips and reveal the dynamic, multilevel benefits of this pose.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace. You deserve a break!

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