September’s Superfood: Avocado (+Recipes!)

September’s Superfood: Avocado (+Recipes!)

One of the most instagrammed ingredients ever, avocado is a fan favorite when it comes to superfoods. The deliciously creamy fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) adds a little extra something to just about anything. Sure, that guacamole might cost extra, but with the host of healthy benefits that avocado brings to the table, we think it’s almost always worth the splurge.

Why Avocado?

Avocado is a supremely unique food. It has a distinct flavor, yet remains ultra versatile. It also has a nutritional profile that’s unlike any other fruit.

This green goodness is one of very few fruits that contain protein (most do not have any), making it an especially great addition to a vegetarian diet. Despite what its super smooth texture might lead you to assume, its actually a good source of dietary fiber. While it is high in fat, these fats are “good” fats that — when eaten with other foods — can act as “nutrient enhancers” by helping the body to absorb more fat soluble nutrients.

Buying and Storing:

Once picked, avocados begin to ripen. Choose avocados with firm skin and no soft spots. You can add your avocado to a brown paper bag or fruit bowl to help it ripen. Your avocado will be ready to eat when it becomes slightly soft. If your avocados ripens but you aren't quite ready, pop it in the fridge to help keep it fresh. You don't want it to go to waste!


Carefully cut your avocado in half, lengthwise. Once cut, twist the two sides in opposite directions and separate. Remove the pit and enjoy! You can eat it right out of the peel for a healthy and quick snack, or add it to your favorite foods like sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. Some recipes even use it as a substitute for butter in baking. The options are endless when it comes to this tasty treat so go ahead and get creative! For more inspiration, check out a few of our Honest favorites below.

4 Fresh Ways to Avocado

September’s Superfood: Avocado (+Recipes!)

  1. Trick out your taco salad.
  2. Pump up the protein in your pudding.
  3. Step up your avocado toast game.
  4. Sip on a smoothie.

Check back next month for more superfood fun!

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