Taylor Walker Sinning's Fitness Gift List

Taylor Walker Sinning's Fitness Gift List

The holiday season has just begun, but yes, we are already planning for our new year, new us fitness program. (Until then, you can find us sipping all the peppermint mocha's our little festive hearts can handle.) To help with our upcoming goals, we asked our fitness bestie for her wishlist of must-haves for mamas that like to get their sweat on. 

Fitness Mama Must Haves via Taylor Walker Sinning

The holidays are upon us and even though we may be grown up, I feel it never hurts to create a holiday wish list. As a new mama who is easing back into her regular schedule fitness regimen, I wanted to take a moment to share the gifts I’ve been coveting all year.

Tight Refresh

Takara Leggings from Carbon38 always make me feel fabulous! I love the color selection and the option to have regular or high waist.

Comfortable and Supportive Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are great, but finding one that is supportive and comfortable can be a challenge. When baby is fussy, but I still want to get a workout in, I can simply place him in to keep him close and still get my sweat on! I also love the, fabric, fit and added resistance of this one by Boppy!  

Resistance Band Set

Keeping a good set of resistance bands on hand can help you fit your workout in anytime and anywhere. I use these round bands to tone my arms, back, glutes and legs. I love a set like this because the different levels of resistance can be used for both strength and flexibility training. They are also super easy to store in the stroller or diaper bag.

Bose Noise Canceling QuietComfort Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones got me through a drug-free labor and delivery, and now they get me through my workouts while daddy watches the baby. These headphones help me block out any sounds other than sweat-fueling beats and take meditation to the next level. I would love an updated version!

Bala Bangles

I am a Barre babe all the way and a little bit of resistance goes a long way. Not only are these a Barre add on you can take anywhere, but they are stylish to boot and leave you hands free.

MISFIT Wearable Fitness Tracker

I love utilizing a fitness tracker and love the variety that MISFIT has to offer. You can shop sleek and sporty or Swarovski Crystal. I love the variety and designs MISFIT has to offer.

Nutribullet Balance

I use my Nutribullet at least 2 times per day and the new Nutribullet Balance has built in Bluetooth technology to help you track carbs, fats, sugars, calories and more!

New Sneakers

I am always on the lookout for new sneakers and wish I could have the Adidas Ultraboost in every color and style. I am totally crushing on these in Ash Pearl.

Post-Workout Skincare Stocking Stuffers

Gotta keep it fresh and glowing with skin-loving, clean after-workout products. On my list: Honest Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes, Honest Beauty Organic Facial Oil and Honest Beauty Creme Blush With a quick on-the-go cleanse, a dab of facial oil and a bit of blush on my cheeks, I can go straight from the gym to a playdate or running errands.

Portable White Noise Machine

If you have an alert baby that you need to get to sleep o I suggest a portable white noise machine. It’s great for both at home and on the go, so you can place it in their stroller and get your workout in anytime, anywhere.


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