Workout Wednesday: Kneeling Side Kicks

Workout Wednesday: Kneeling Side Kicks

Today’s series focuses on balance and coordination. Kneeling side kicks works abdominal muscles, while stabilizing the body during leg movement. It strengthens hips, glutes, and inner thighs, while lengthening the hamstrings.


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Step 1 - Begin Kneeling

Legs should be hip distance apart. Extend both arms to the side. Without losing control, start leaning towards one side until you reach the ground with your arm. Extend one leg away at hip level.

Step 2 - Kick Up

Reach and kick your leg up with lots of energy, while pulling your abdominal muscles in to stabilize your pelvis. Repeat 6 to 8 times.


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Step 3 - Kick Front and Back

Flex your foot and swing your top leg to the front extending energy along the back of your leg. Then, sweep your leg to the back while pointing your toes. Only reach as far back as you can go without losing your alignment. Repeat 6 to 8 times.

Step 4 - Circles

Pointing your toes make small circles in one direction first and then repeat in the opposite direction.  Make this movement smooth and controlled.  6 to 8 times in one direction and repeat the same interval in the other direction.




Step 5 - Finish and Repeat

Bend the knee of the extended leg with control. Using your obliques come back to a starting position. Sit sideways stretching the hip, obliques, and leg that was doing the movements. Inhale and lift your arm and rib cage up. Repeat the sequence on the other side.

Honest Tip: The arm that is on the ground should be directly under your shoulder. The leg that is on the ground should be under the hip, with shin pressing into the ground while engaging your glutes and pulling your abs in to stabilize your pelvis. Your head should be aligned with your neck and your spine.

~Leila, FitPilates

Leila Cunningham is a Certified Pilates Instructor based in Los Angeles, California. When she isn’t sharing her knowledge and passion for Pilates at her studio, she’s spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters. For more fitness tips and easy exercises, check out her YouTube channel.

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