Workout Wednesday: Single Leg Bridge

Workout Wednesday: Single Leg Bridge

Get ready for holiday parties galore with this glute-busting workout! Our Pilates guru Leila Cunningham is here to show us a quick, yet effective, move you can do any time to help tone up.

single leg bridge


Benefits: This exercise will help tone glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles while challenging the oblique muscles and upper body.

Step 1:

Lay down on your back. Place your feet flat on the floor with feet directly under your knees. Legs should be hip width apart. Anchor your upper body by pressing your arms down and gliding your shoulder blades down your spine. Lift your heels up high.

Step 2:

Lift one leg up (bringing knee towards your chest) then extend the leg up reaching it up toward the ceiling.  Hold, then lower the leg down. Repeat 6 to 8 times, alternating between legs.

Honest Tip: Stretch your knees away from your shoulders to lengthen your body. It will engage your core and your upper body, especially your triceps. Make sure your hips are level while lifting your leg.

~Leila, FitPilates

Leila Cunningham is a Certified Pilates Instructor based in Los Angeles, California. When she isn’t sharing her knowledge and passion for Pilates at her studio, she’s spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters. For more fitness tips and easy exercises, check out her YouTube channel.

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