Workout Wednesday: Strengthen Abs with this Supported Sit Up

Workout Wednesday: Strengthen Abs with this Supported Sit Up

Get moving with Pilates pro, Leila Cunningham! This supported sit up is an easy and effective way to work your abdominal muscles, without straining your back. 

Benefits: This move is a great way to start working on your abdominal strength, especially if you are just getting into pilates. Using a prop, like a ball, helps to support your back while working out your core muscles.

Step 1:

Start sitting up with knees bent and feet flat on the mat. Place soft, medium sized ball behind your back for support.

Step 2:

Start rolling back over the ball into a full extension, then back to start up position.

Repeat 6 to 8 times

Honest Tip: Keep legs together to maintain stability in the lower part of your body. Try to roll over the ball without fully pressing your back into it — this will engage and challenge your core even more. If beginner roll back half way towards the ball than return back to start up position.

~Leila, FitPilates

Leila Cunningham is a Certified Pilates Instructor based in Los Angeles, California. When she isn’t sharing her knowledge and passion for Pilates at her studio, she’s spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters. For more fitness tips and easy exercises, check out her YouTube channel.

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