A Message from our Founder, Jessica Alba

A Message from our Founder, Jessica Alba

I am extremely disappointed by the recent Wall Street Journal article full of misrepresentations about The Honest Company. Since our inception, everyone at Honest has worked hard to build this company into a place that puts trust and transparency at the forefront of everything we do and every product we make. We take this responsibility seriously.

At Honest, we have always been vigilant about the latest science regarding chemicals and their potential effect on human health. We created our Honestly Free Guarantee so our customers can rest easy knowing our products are made without health-compromising chemicals or compounds. As part of the Honestly Free Guarantee, we chose to use Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) in our laundry detergent because it’s a gentler and less irritating alternative than what’s used in many other detergents. Using SCS in our detergent is just one example of Honest going the extra mile to create safe and effective products that all of us can feel confident about using with our families and in our homes.

As a person who dealt with asthma and allergy-related health complications my whole life, I created The Honest Company so other families, including my own, would never have to go through what I went through. We care passionately about giving everyone an opportunity to live a healthy, happy life and every day I am humbled to hear from parents who say our products have changed their lives. As our company continues to grow, their support inspires me and the whole Honest team to continue doing our part to make a difference. With your continued support and trust, that's what we will all stay focused on.








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