Baby2Baby Playdate: An Honest Day of Pampering

Baby2Baby Playdate: An Honest Day of Pampering

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At the end of April, The Honest Company hosted a special “pampering” session for 25 deserving moms-to-be at our charitable partner Baby2Baby’s monthly Playdate. Baby2Baby creates these events to benefit low-income families, providing them with much-needed baby essentials while offering them a morning of fun and entertainment in the Baby2Baby headquarters.

For our Honest Playdate, we wanted to pamper some very special pregnant women from the community—especially with Mother’s Day around the corner. These women had recently been emancipated from the foster care system and were actively working through mentoring and job training programs to create a strong home life for their soon-to-be bundle of joy. We were honored to spend the morning with them!

Upon arrival, the ladies were invited to sit back and relax in our zen zone. Sparkling spa water and baby-shower-themed cookies were passed around as everyone settled in.

Pampering Lounge

Sweet Pampering Party Treats

Honest Pampering Party Playdate at Baby2Baby

The first round of pampering included a DIY Sugar Scrub station! Using Honest Body Oil and organic sugar, the moms-to-be mixed up their own sugar scrub in decorative mason jars. The recipe: 2 Parts Sugar, 1 Part Honest Body Oil, Stir! For more details on how to make your own, see our previous blog post on this easy project.

DIY Scrub Station

Making Body Scrub

Hand massages and manicures were next! Each guest was invited to have a spa manicure with non-toxic nail polish (courtesy of PritiNYC) and hand massages featuring Honest Lotion and Body Oil!

Manicures for the Moms-to-be

After everyone was pampered to perfection, the ladies headed to the main room to meet with Jessica. Joined by Norah Weinstein and Kelly Sawyer (co-presidents of Baby2Baby), Jessica spoke with the soon-to-be moms about her experiences with pregnancy and her journey to create the healthiest, safest environment for her children.

Jessica with Baby2Baby Co-Presidents

As a take home gift from her personally, Jessica brought copies of her new book The Honest Life and individually signed one for each mom. Guests laughed and took pictures with Jessica while asking her for further advice on different aspects of parenthood.

Jessica Signs Books for Moms-to-be

And finally, it was time for gifts! Each mother-to-be was sent home with a month of Honest diapers, wipes, and personal care products; a new crib from Million Dollar Baby Family; a new stroller from Baby Jogger; and an Honest diaper bag filled with assorted baby cloths, toys, and other essential newborn items.

Strollers for Moms-to-be

Gifts for Moms-to-Be

Overall, it was an endearing, exciting, and generally heart-warming day. The following quotes were some of the best takeaways:

• "My baby is going to be so spoiled! Thank you!"

• "The moms were so thrilled! They got off the bus with such a spring in their step."

• "It was such a quiet, happy bus ride home. All phones were out snapping photos of all the goodies."

• "One of the moms was completely overwhelmed by the generosity everyone showed towards her baby. She said, 'she’s not even born and people already love her.'"

We cannot wait to do it again!

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