Celebrating National Volunteer Week Together

Celebrating National Volunteer Week Together

As part of our commitment to National Volunteer Week, over 50 Honest employees joined Food Forward in the Huntington Gardens to harvest oranges for a local food receiving agency. In total, we picked over 3,200 pounds of fresh fruit to serve to Los Angeles families in need.

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

As a volunteer-based organization, Food Forward rescues fresh local produce that would otherwise go to waste and connects this abundance with agencies across Los Angeles county. From backyard harvesting to farmers' market recovery, Food Forward recently celebrated their 2 millionth pound of food recovered and served in Southern California.

Join Food Forward and Make a Difference

The Honest Company Joins National Volunteer Week

Because National Volunteer Week celebrates the collective power of giving back, we also want to honor your contributions by sharing your #HonestCares stories. See how your fellow community members got involved in their neighborhoods:

Thank you for working together to make it better!

Inspired to do more? Let us know how you hope to volunteer this year.

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