Dare to Stair: Honest Climbs 75 Flights to Benefit the YMCA

Dare to Stair: Honest Climbs 75 Flights to Benefit the YMCA

Team Honest at Stair Climb for Los Angeles

Over 1700 stairs later, our Honest team reached the summit of the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Why would 39 employees embark on such an adventure? To help the community of course!

Stair Climb for Los Angeles is an annual event benefitting the Downtown Los Angeles YMCA. Proceeds from the event fund community-based programs serving inner-city children, teens, and families in the heart of the city. With an overall mission of supporting youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the YMCA is definitely an organization that aligns with our Honest values.

Our Honest teammates reflections will hopefully showcase this amazing event and inspire others to join us as we keep climbing to make this world a better place! (We are already talking about our strategies to participate again next year.)

Stair Climb for Los Angeles


There were 39 of us — all different ages, from different departments, going at different paces — but it really felt like we were working as one. Just simple little things like making sure we waited for the people checking their bags so they were part of the group photo or pushing back our start time so we all started together. It was a great cause for the LA/YMCA community, but it also was a great for the morale of our staff! ~ Hannah H.

Honest Climbs 75 Flights of Stairs for YMCA

The best moment? Seeing the Honest team finishing with that mixed look of exhaustion, elation, and satisfaction.  Really, really great to feel the connectivity and bonding power that athletics and sports do for a group.  ~ Christopher G.


Half way up, when I thought I needed to stop… I pushed the thought out of my head and just kept going! Seeing someone on the stairs reminded me we were all on the same journey, so all I could do was keep pushing forward and supporting all of those around me — coworkers or strangers.  ~ Jenni T.

The US Bank Building

I signed up for the climb without truly realizing what I was getting myself into, and when we arrived downtown I took one look at the building and thought I was going to lose my lunch. The support and cheers from my coworkers pushed me to keep going and I surprised myself by finishing in 20 minutes. Now, I can't wait to do it again next year and beat my time! It was an amazing experience for a great cause and so much fun getting out there with the Honest family. ~ Melissa W.

The coolest moment for me was the very end — that last flight of stairs. I pushed it hard those last few steps and turned to exit onto the roof. I saw Christopher cheering me on as I finished, which was awesome! I was so tired and ready to pass out; it was great to celebrate before lying down and having a much-deserved apple. ~ Michael R.


Honest Fun at the Stair Climb for LA

I heard the first responders challenging each other to sprint the last 10 flights (most of them were climbing with gear, which in some cases was 80-100 pounds!), and it really made me appreciate our first responders’ finesse even more. I was really inspired, humbled, and grateful. ~ Dahlia S.

I met a very nice EMT, who stated that it was his fourth time tackling the stairs that day, as he carried over 50 lbs of safety equipment. (No big deal, meanwhile I'm heavily panting.) One word: Motivation. After that moment on, as painful as it felt, my effort was nothing close to his...I definitely had a Dory moment (from Finding Nemo)...just keep "climbing." ~ Jessica M.

I watched an EMT carrying his full gear (an additional 70 lbs) in front of me during the last 20 flights and was just in awe of that. It motivated me to keep going and not to stop until I reached the goal. He had every reason to take a break — and finally did near the top. I, on the other hand, had no reason other than my weary legs to stop. So I kept going and pushed on. I would totally do it again. ~ Tim H.


The stair climb was hard, but knowing that everyone was in it together made it worth it for me. I even got quite dizzy and didn't think I would make it, but our group — Nicole, Allegra (with a sprained ankle!), and Hilton — was there for me and each other. Half way up the stairs, we started listening to Mariah Carey and singing to cheer ourselves on. That was probably the best moment! ~ Clara P.

Team Honest

It was really fun to partake in such a physically challenging activity with the Honest team. Everyone brought all the passion and energy they put into work everyday to the stairs. I loved climbing next to everyone (and having people pass me!) because it always came with encouragement like “54 more floors!” or “water station ahead!”… no matter what the Honest team does, they're always as excited as if it's Christmas day. ~ Courtney H.

I could not have done it without the other climbers. I high-fived complete strangers the entire way up! The water station volunteers kept me going with a big smile, telling me how many floors I had left to go. I would most definitely do the climb again, the energy was beyond contagious and motivating. After being so petrified leading up to this event, I never thought in a million years that I would have a blast climbing 1700 stairs! ~ Hannah H.

Honest Tackles Stair Climb for Los Angeles

Moral of the story: WHO NEEDS ELEVATORS?!

What inspiring charitable causes have you participated in lately? We'd love to know!

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