Get Honest with Superstar Mama, Cassie

Get Honest with Superstar Mama, Cassie

We sat down with Honest Mama, artist and creator @cassie. Here's a sneak peak into her beauty tips, parenting advice and Honest products she can't live without!

As a mom of 2, what Honest essentials are in your diaper bag?

Cassie: We always have the spray hand sanitizer and/or Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes, baby wipes, and of course all of our fun Honest printed diapers.

How has motherhood surprised you?

Cassie: Everyone says that it goes by so fast and I never understood it. The time goes by way too fast. I cannot believe we have a 1 year old & a 2 year old!

What advice do you have for first-time parents?

Cassie: Take everyone’s advice for what it is (because sometimes it’s helpful) and then do what works best for you, your family, and your home. More importantly, always go with your gut.

As a busy mom, what are your game-changing beauty tips?

Cassie: I always say drink a lot of water for obvious reasons, but taking care of your skin so that you can keep your makeup routine minimal is game-changing. I’ve really learned to love my skin and myself in my most natural state. I pay attention to what my skin needs and switch up my skincare routine according to that. Taking the time to cater to yourself is important as not only a mom but as a woman in general. Confidence is always game-changing.

What is your favorite beauty trend right now?

Cassie: I’m loving how playful people are being with eye makeup in particular and I just love brows so much. I love wearing mine bushy some days and super manicured the next. No matter what they are always brushed.

What’s one Honest beauty product you won’t leave the house without?

Cassie: It’s a tie. The Magic Beauty Balm and the Honest Beauty Gloss-C Lip Gloss Moonstone.

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