Giving Blood: Not as Scary as You May Think!

Giving Blood: Not as Scary as You May Think!

Inspired by Halloween, Honest went for blood this year with a Dracula-themed drive benefitting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). With roaming vampires and fake fangs to entertain all donors, this holiday twist blended fun with an event that makes a significant difference in the lives of local children.

Fangs Make Giving Blood Fun

By the end of the day, 50 employees donated blood — helping over 100 children receiving treatment at CHLA!

Vampire Parking

To make the day more spirited, even Bailey, the mascot of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, stopped by to support our Halloween blood drive.

Vampires Want Your Blood for CHLA

All in all, Honest team members bonded across departments and bus aisles in their common desire to make a difference and celebrate the community in a meaningful way. We’re for treats, not tricks!

Honest Team Waits to Donate Blood

Despite our Halloween theme, giving blood is not as scary as you may think. The whole process is quick (approximately 30 minutes of your day, including paperwork) and relatively painless. Adults of all ages and ethnicities can participate. You don’t need to do a lot to prep — simply hydrate and eat a healthy meal beforehand. And there are many friendly faces to lend a smile and support.

Given there is not a synthetic substitute for human blood, your donation is an easy (and free way!) to directly improve the health of sick children in your own community. Interested in helping or organizing your own drive? Visit your local children's hospital or consult the Red Cross or United Blood Services sites for opportunities in your area.

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