Honest Reflections on Our Baby2Baby Volunteer Day

Honest Reflections on Our Baby2Baby Volunteer Day

On July 20, 2013, Honest employees teamed up with Baby2Baby for a volunteer day to remember. It was a day of hard work, bonding, and community outreach that was truly touching to each person who joined in the event.

Delivering Donations

As described by Jacqui Lang, Baby2Baby Program Director, "With enthusiastic help from Honest employees, we were able to unload an entire semi-truck full of donations in under two hours, pack 160 gift bags for specific children in need, and sort through every one of our incoming donation bins! It is a dream come true to have our warehouse fully stocked with Honest products!" By the end of the day, Honest employees hand-delivered over 47,000 Honest family products (at a retail value of over $333,000) for distribution to Baby2Baby families in the community.

Below, Honest employees reflect on their volunteer experience with this amazing non-profit.

Impressions – Before and After

Truck Full of Donations

Truck Empty


Manny (Client Services Team): The way I initially imagined our Saturday at Baby2Baby was VERY far from how it actually was, in a great way of course. I would've never imagined that as soon as I got there, I would hop into the back of the 18-wheeler to help unload the massive amount of products that we were donating to Baby2Baby. Let me tell you...diapers, shampoo and body wash, toothpaste, and the various other items we donated are NOT as light as you may think when they are packed in boxes and stacked one on top of the other. I also didn't expect to pack essential products that would later be given out to those in need with Jessica and Cash, and a little helper with squeaky shoes by the name of Haven! I initially planned to stay only for the morning session, but had so much fun that I stayed until the very end. SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH EVERYONE THAT WAS THERE!

Christopher Gavigan

Christopher (Co-Founder):  Wow — there is a ton of assembly and organization that Baby2Baby needs as part of their day-to-day operations! From filling bags for the children to organizing and sorting donated product, many hands are needed to keep the services up for all the families. Ultimately, outside of all the product Honest donated, having over 60 employees there was vital for them.


Nicole (Client Services Team): I was shocked to learn mothers sometimes reuse the same disposable diaper because they cannot afford to purchase new ones. Baby2Babyprovides 65,000 families with essentials many of us take for granted. I am grateful to be part of the Honest team, knowing I helped make the lives of mothers and little ones better.


Hannah (Client Services Team): I knew Baby2Baby worked with other agencies to distribute products to those in need but they do something a little extra special that I was not aware of. There is a “tree” with gift tags detailing the information of a particular child and what essentials need to be provided to them. I had a four-year-old little girl and I found myself truly invested in each item I picked out for her. I put a scarf in that matched her outfit, I wanted the blanket to be cozy, and the game to be one she would enjoy playing over and over again. With these clothes that wonderful people donated, she does not need to be embarrassed about what she's wearing at school. And, with the new and gently used donated games, she can invite a friend over and have toys available for them to play with. It was so neat to create a one-on-one connection and be excited about the wonderful things this little girl is going to receive. Thank you Baby2Baby!

Special Moments


Jacqueline (Client Services Team): The very moment that I picked a name from the giving tree was the moment I felt a part of a child's potential joy. I could just imagine the little girl smiling as she reached for goodies out of the bag I filled...feeling pretty in her new clothes...warmth and comfort with her soft new blanket...connected to her mom as she reads her bed time stories from her new books...clean and rejuvenated with her Honest body wash. All of this came to me as I delicately folded her gifts into her gift bag – I was excited for her to feel like it was Christmas in July because it’s the joy all children deserve to feel every day!

Baby2Baby Giving Tree

Caitlin (Client Services Team): I had so much fun on Saturday with everyone! It was great to spend extra time bonding with our Honest Family and giving back at the same time. It was especially rewarding to be packing up gift bags for specific children. I felt like I was making a difference in a particular child's life and gave extra thought when picking out toys and clothes for the child. Knowing exactly whom the bag was going to made it more personal and I even got picky with the things I thought they would like better or wouldn't like.

It was also great to experience first hand how Honest is helping out our community with our donations. It provided some great insight for when talking to our members.

Another highlight was bringing friends/family to the event to meet and connect with my co-workers. It felt great bringing them into an area of my life that I spend so much time and sharing the experience of giving back, which is a main part of our company ethos. I know my boyfriend Chuck enjoyed himself too! Especially curling the ribbons on the finished gift bags!


Janine (Client Services Team): The most memorable moment was when I got to shop for my kiddos' gift bags! It was so fun to see that these donations are going to families and will take the load off the stress of a new outfit or a bottle of shampoo. I felt like I was shopping for a friend's baby because the quality of donations was top notch.

Honest Camaraderie


Queenie (Retail Sales Team): I was just hired as the new West Coast Regional Sales Manager and my actual start date at Honest isn't until August 5, but once I heard about this volunteer opportunity I absolutely wanted to be involved.  I brought along my husband and one of my girlfriends, and we all had a fantastic time volunteering for Baby2Baby and learning about its mission, while also meeting so many down-to-earth Honest employees. I'm so grateful to be involved with a company that champions such an important cause and look forward to many more volunteer opportunities in the future.

Feeling Inspired


Melissa (Technology Team): Going through the donated items and making gift bags for the children made me realize how many things I was holding onto that could be helping other people. I'll be cleaning out my closets and cupboards this weekend in hopes it will go to someone who really needs it!

Jessica and Cash Prepare Donations

Kathryn (Client Services Team): The event at Baby2Baby has changed the way I look at give back. The impact of these donations makes or breaks families. I will definitely be going back and give a helping hand or give products as much as I can! Such an awesome team of people that work there and cause they work for!

Midori (Design Team): This event inspired me to pay attention to more of these types of organizations that help others and see what I can do to contribute.

Special Gift Bags

Want to get involved?

If you are in the Los Angeles area and have time to donate, Baby2Baby hosts a Giveback Wednesday every week where you can go to their warehouse to help sort through donations and make gift bags for children in need. If you have product you’d like to donate, there are over 20 drop-off locations around Los Angeles where you can bring new or gently used items for Baby2Baby clients. And, finally, if you want to help from afar, financial donations are essential to keeping Baby2Baby open and giving back.

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