Honest to Goodness: Every Girl, Everywhere, Period

Honest to Goodness: Every Girl, Everywhere, Period

In case you missed it, we just launched Honest Feminine Care — products made with GOTS certified organic cotton delivering the comfort and performance you expect. It’s safe to say we’re pretty thrilled about this new line. In conjunction, we’re also proud to announce our partnership with Days for Girls to provide education, safety, and dignity to girls who are routinely missing school for lack of access to feminine hygiene products.

When You Buy, We Give

Helping girls stay in school with confidence comes in an unexpected package: feminine hygiene. All over the world, girls are missing days of school because they can’t afford feminine care — even right here in the US. As a company that’s committed to both responsibility and the health and education of our youth, we don’t think this is acceptable. So, we decided to partner with Days For Girls to help make this reality a little bit better. When you buy Honest feminine care, whether it's our organic tampons or pads, we give feminine care to young women, to ensure they don’t miss school due to their menstrual cycle.

Honest to Goodness: Every Girl, Everywhere, Period

We begin this new program by supporting two communities — one domestic and one international — with a sustainable source of feminine care.

  1. In the US, we are providing monthly supplies of Honest feminine care to high school girls in the at-risk community of Edmonds, WA. We plan to expand to other known at-risk communities in the US in the coming year.  
  2. As a global brand, we are adopting the Days for Girls Uganda program, to enable women to earn an income and meet their own communities’ hygiene needs by sewing and selling feminine care kits. Each kit can keep a girl from missing school due to menstruation for 3 years.

Honest to Goodness

When you purchase Honest Feminine Care products, not only are you getting uncompromised quality, but you’re supporting our ongoing movement of making healthy, safe choices accessible for all. Together, we can create healthy learning environments and ensure more girls are able to pursue their dreams.

To learn more about Days For Girls, head over to their website.

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