Honestly Ultimate Baby Shower Los Angeles

Honestly Ultimate Baby Shower Los Angeles

Honestly Ultimate Baby Shower Winner Jessica Turner

For the fourth and final Honestly Ultimate Baby Shower, we gathered to celebrate Los Angeles winner Jessica Turner for her dedication to family and friends—truly exemplifying the phrase “love thy neighbor.” Kidville Brentwood was transformed into a sweet hippo haven to honor Jessica and her husband as they prepare for the arrival of baby Jonah. For mom-to-be Jessica, the shower was a special moment to reflect on the meaning of Mother’s Day and the loving spirit of her adopted son’s mother, who unexpectedly passed away. The afternoon was full of love and community, and we’re grateful to have been a part of it.

Get to know a little bit more about Jessica in her own words…

Meet Jessica Turner

Honest: What surprised you most about winning the Honestly Ultimate Baby Shower?  

Jessica: I am Honestly so shocked because I know how many deserving moms there are in the world and I never would have dreamed of being honored or recognized in this way. 

Honest: Would you share your favorite quote or excerpt from your friends’ nomination essays?

From my friend Traci's essay: "Jessica has dedicated the past year to helping this little boy overcome his challenges and teach him how to serve others in the way that she has always selflessly dedicated her life to."

From my friend Leigh's essay: "She's inspired me so much to pay it forward and do something selfless; I am now 11 weeks pregnant with my friend's baby. I'm a surrogate because of Jessica and how she inspired me to do something bigger than myself."

WOW.  So humbling!

The Turner Family

Honest: Please share with us a little about your story and what it means to your family to win the shower.

Jessica: Almost a year and a half ago, one week before Christmas 2011, my downstairs neighbor and dear friend, Deanna collapsed in her home.  Her son, Sean, came running upstairs to tell me that his mom, a single mother, needed help.  When I found her, she was unresponsive and taking her very last breaths she would ever take on her own.  Deanna died just a few days later from a Pulmonary Embolism.  Sean has been with us since that night and after much discussion amongst our family and Sean's, we decided to pursue permanent guardianship of Sean, which was granted in March of 2012.  It has been a tough year dealing with all of our emotions in the wake of our loss.  Sean had some pretty major behavioral problems that we have had to correct and also was incredibly far behind in school.  I am so proud to say that, today, Sean is thriving in all respects and we are honored to call him our son.  

Winning this shower was so unexpected and the word "humbling" doesn't even come close to explaining it.  My husband works 3 jobs to provide for us... I have never seen a man so tirelessly commit himself to his family….To be spoiled a little bit is incredibly fun! We are so grateful!

Honest: What are you looking forward to most once your baby arrives?

Jessica: I am SO excited to see all of my boys together for the first time.  Our last experience as a family in a hospital was the most devastating experience of our lives. I can't wait to deliver (at a different hospital of course) and have Sean and our 3-year-old Elijah come to the hospital to experience our joy and happiness as a family.  It will be such a positive thing for all of us to grow as a family together and I can't wait until we are complete with Jonah in our arms!

Honest: What's one piece of advice you'd share with other parents about creating a safe, healthy, and nurturing home?

Jessica: I think the most important thing you can do for your kids is to teach them compassion for others.  When your children can respect other people's circumstances and recognize a person in need, they immediately become a valuable person to society.  We always stress to our kids that we go through things in life so that we have the opportunity in the future to help someone else go through the same things.  Sometimes the road gets bumpy... Life is not without many struggles but if we are there to hold the hands of those in need, we are serving God's greater purpose for our lives.

Thank you so much for sharing our story!  XOXO

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