Social Goodness: Movember (and So Much More)!

Social Goodness: Movember (and So Much More)!

In a month when we put gratitude front and center, we at Honest are grateful that we get the chance to help make a change in our communities all year. Working with each other and our partners, our Social Goodness initiatives remind us that the Honest family is here for your families in the spirit of togetherness. We're all contributing to a better future because it's one we'll all share.

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When it comes to making the world a safer, healthier (and happier) place for the men in our lives--dads, brothers, uncles, and nephews--you could say our enthusiasm is all over our face this month. This, Movember, we're shedding some light on--and growing some hair for--men's health with our partners at The Movember Foundation. Since men are 24% less likely to have visited a doctor in the past year, they're also less likely to address the most serious physical and mental health issues facing men, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental illness, and we want to help change that. Movember isn't only about participation, but also education (just the way we like it), so here's some more statistics that made us want to get growing:


Fortunately, our friends at Movember know how to make changing the face of men's health fun and fulfilling for everyone involved--that includes Honest customers just like you who donated to this initiative with the purchase of select products on We're stunned (and proud) to say that we had 100% participation across all of our Honest offices to help make this month's movement a success! 

The Honest Company participated in over 500 fitness activities and games, including a yoga class with our entire Santa Monica office, to raise a grand total of more than $50,000 for The Movember Foundation and its programs benefiting men's health research! 


With teams led by Honest Brian, Christopher, Sean and Jessica, we put our money where our mustaches are: Honest Jessica couldn't grow one, of course, but she was happy to share her personal reasons for participating and why she thinks it's more than a trend with our friends at the People Magazine site. Thank you to everyone that made Movember magic, but don't forget to keep supporting healthier habits for the men in your life all year round.


Since this is the season for second servings (just watch your portions), we've got an extra helping of Social Goodness we wanted to share. Last month, we launched our Safe Kids, Safe Sleep initiative to educate families about safe, healthy sleeping environments to prevent accidental suffocation and injury, the #1 killer of kids under the age of one. This month, we brought close to 100 Honest team members to Children's Hospital Los Angeles with the Safe Kids Coalition to keep educating and donating Honest essentials and cribs from our Buy One, Give One initiative to families in need and at risk. Honest Jessica joined the class to share a few words about what this program means to Honest and to let the families in attendance know that she had a 3-year-old that still loved her crib, so she knew how much it meant to have one! (You can read more about her appearance here at People online.)


Our work, however, wasn't done yet. As one of the top five corporate fundraising teams from the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, The Honest Company also had the opportunity to learn about our contributions to pediatric cancer research being done by one of the top teams in the country. Leading research advances in earlier detection and more accurate eradication, Children's Hospital Los Angeles is at the forefront of ensuring that more children will have a chance to thrive and contribute their special gifts in the future. We were not only educated, but also inspired: Our teams had the privilege of distributing 300 bags of non-toxic Honest essentials to families with children currently in the hospital. With each bag, we had the chance to connect with families and see firsthand how strong they were and how inspired they remained in the face of one of the biggest challenges a parent could confront. We may have run a race to get here, but it's these brave families that were truly going the distance.

A big thank you to all of our Honest offices for their passion and commitment to these November Social Goodness initiatives!

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