The Non-Toxic Challenge: Earth Hour 2013

Would you let your kids dress you for the day? Honest employees are about to do just that!

In honor of Earth Hour 2013, we are joining the World Wildlife Fund in creating our own “I Will If You Will” Challenge. If 10,000 people pledge to try non-toxic products in their homes, the Honest founders will let their kids dress them AND all Honest employees for one day. And you know how crazy kids can be when it comes to playing dress up!

Just imagine the tutus, goggles, and superhero capes that we’ll wear as a result of this challenge! It will be a flashback to Halloween in the Honest offices—and we are more than okay with that.

Taking part in the Earth Hour movement is an important step in joining people all over the world in recognizing that we’re all part of one community. Together, it is our responsibility to protect the planet for many generations to come. As a company, sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of our Honest foundation so we are excited to be taking a stand against toxins and working with your to make it happen.

Join Us! Take the Pledge by clicking here.

When is the actual Earth Hour? March 23, 2013 at 8:30pm (in whatever time zone you are in!).

What are you supposed to do? Turn off your lights for one hour as a symbolic gesture of your support for environmentally sustainable action. But don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to sit in the dark and count to 60 (60 times).  Light some candles and turn it into a romantic night-in. (This is the perfect time to try out our new 100% GMO-free soy wax Honest candles! Order now to ensure delivery by Earth Hour.) Pull out your LED flashlights and make silly faces in the shadows with your kids. Or go outside and admire the night sky. You will be amazed how much fun you can have by flipping off the switch. And, if you happen to be in New York City, even the Empire State Building will be turning out its lights. This is a big deal. We promise!

Why is Earth Hour important? Since 2007, this symbolic hour has grown from a one-city initiative to a 7,001-city/town global movement, which reached an estimated 2 billion people in 152 countries and territories across all seven continents. It has been reported as “the world’s largest campaign for the planet.” Who wouldn’t want to join in?

Earth Hour’s “I Will If You Will” Campaign takes this symbolic hour one step further. The idea is to take collective action for the planet beyond just that one hour. Hosted on YouTube, this campaign has grown to include over 4 million participants and has received over 200,000 commitments from individuals, businesses, and governments. Some of the coolest campaigns include:

  • A total of 66 global cities have accepted the Earth Hour City Challenge to become an urban climate champion by lowering carbon emissions and dramatically increasing renewable energy usage. Those participating in the United States are Chicago, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

Not the president of a country or still working on acquiring legislative powers? No problem! The reason these major changes occurred is because collectively individuals can make a difference. Join the conversation at

Oh, and be sure to stay tuned for the results of our Honest Company “I Will If You Will Challenge.” In the process of inspiring change, it should also be wildly entertaining.

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