Turtle Power: A Sewing Project Supporting Campers in Need

Turtle Power: A Sewing Project Supporting Campers in Need

Camp brings out the best in kids — inspiring them to step outside their comfort zone, build community, and develop self-confidence and a passion for life. Recognizing the immeasurable benefits of this experience, The Painted Turtle provides sick children a safe environment that allows them to “sing, dance, laugh, grow, and discover their potential” with the medical support they need.

Located in California, The Painted Turtle is a member of Paul Newman’s SeriousFun Camps where all campers (and their families!) attend for free. The camp hosts children with life-threatening diseases from ages 6-17 years old and can accommodate special treatment for more than 30 medical conditions. Since 2004, The Painted Turtle has empowered thousands of campers to make new friends, try new things, and experience new opportunities in a space where they also receive care.

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Many of The Painted Turtle campers are away from home for the first time, so upon arrival they’re given handmade turtle pillows as a source of comfort during their stay. These treasures are lovingly prepared by volunteers who work together to cut, sew, and stuff the turtles. For one week this month, our Honest team got crafty and cut patterns from brightly hued fabric for turtle shells. These patterns were then delivered to another volunteer sewing group, who assembled the pieces and brought the turtle pillows to life. The completed pillows will be given to campers at an end-of-summer session, giving the kids a memento of their fun time at camp.

Want to host your own turtle sewing party? Learn how you can help The Painted Turtle here by volunteering to make pillows or getting involved in other ways.

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