This Veggie Stamped Scarf Doubles As Gift Wrap

This Veggie Stamped Scarf Doubles As Gift Wrap


In search of the perfectly festive yet affordable holiday hostess gift? This DIY veggie stamped scarf will delight everyone from your mother-in-law who has everything to your best friend who “doesn't need anything.” And it pulls double duty — not only is it a unique fashion statement, but the scarf also serves as lovely (and eco-friendly) gift wrap!

This project is fun and safe to do, so your kids can help. Using veggie scraps as the stamp is a simpler, safer play on the classic potato stamp because it does not require the use of a loose razor blade to carve out the design. Get creative and use these designs for a fresh twist on all your holiday décor and gift wrapping. You'll be amazed at the millions of patterns you can create with the materials from your fridge produce drawer.



  • Scarf (or piece of fabric)

  • Non-VOC or non-toxic fabric paint

  • “Stamp” supplies (fresh celery stalk, okra, carrots, or any other veggie scraps)

  • Paint brush

  • Paring knife


1. Gather your materials. You’ll need a scarf or piece of fabric (20” X 68” works great), but feel free to get creative with this and shop your own closet. If nothing tickles your fancy, you can find one for a few dollars at your local thrift shop.

2. Select your stamps. These can be made from virtually anything; we used leftover celery stalk, okra, and carrot. Think winter stew scraps — the dryer/denser varieties will work best. Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash will help get everything squeaky clean first, which is especially important when working with little hands as we all know where those end up!


3. Lay your scarf on a flat surface, pick out your paints, and get to stamping! Practice different designs on scratch paper first, and these can later be cut into gift tags or cards.

4. Encourage your little ones to try stamping at different angles to see what happens. This is an awesome hands-on chance for the kids to play with nature and to see what different prints the veggies will make.


5. Let the finished product dry overnight and — voila! — you’ve got a one-of-a-kind scarf to keep for yourself or to gift to your hostess.

What veggies would you use to make festive patterns? Share your ideas and work in the comments below. And check out our Pinterest boards for more DIY inspiration.

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