Throw The Ultimate Shower With These Baby Shower Games

May 11, 2020
Throw The Ultimate Shower With These Baby Shower Games

How do you keep your guests engaged at a baby shower? Games! Games and activities help break the ice between baby shower guests, get conversations flowing, and make the whole baby shower experience just a little “extra.” So, once you’ve got your diaper cake centerpiece in place, read on for some of our favorite baby shower games that you can incorporate as you learn how to plan a baby shower.

Mommy and Daddy’s Secrets

Not every baby shower is just for the ladies, some women prefer a co-ed baby shower. That calls for co-ed baby shower games! This is one of those unique baby shower games that can be adjusted for just the gals if need be, but works excellent if you want the men to play, too. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • A list of questions for mom and dad

For this game, you have mom and dad answer twenty questions about the baby-to-be and all things related to their imminent parenthood. Make sure they are answering their questions separately and not sharing answers! Ask things like, “Do you want a boy or a girl?” and “Who will be the more patient parent, mom or dad?” Once they’ve both answered their quizzes, you get to bring them out and put them on the hot seat, so you can quiz them publicly and see which of them knows the other best. You can also have your guests write down their answers, and whoever has the most right answers gets candy.

Don’t Say Baby

This game is great to help break the ice with baby shower guests and can start as soon as the first person enters the room.

What you’ll need:

  • Diaper pins

As guests arrive, ask them to put a diaper pin on their shirt. Once everyone has made their appearance, the game begins. No one can say the word baby until its cake and gift time. Anyone that does can have her pin taken away by whoever overheard it. Whoever collects the most diaper pins wins a token prize. 

Guess Mom’s Measurements

Granted, not all moms love this guessing game, but it’s still a tried and true game for the ages. 

What you’ll need:

  • A ball of yarn
  • Scissors
  • A measuring tape

Ask guests to guess the size of mama’s baby belly, and cut a piece of yarn the length they think would wrap around her waistline. Once everyone has guessed and cut their piece of yarn, they can take turns measuring mama and see if the yarn fits, so to speak. The person that comes the closest to mom’s size and measurement, wins! You can give them a small gift or candy. Baby shower gift ideas for guests can vary from gift cards to a silly gag gift - get creative!

Guess the Baby Food

This guessing game is great for baby showers and super easy.

What you’ll need:

  • Seven to ten jars of baby food, different flavors
  • Disposable spoons
  • A black marker
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Once you have your jars of baby food, you can number the lids 1-10 or however many jars you got. Peel off the labels so no one knows what they are and hand out spoons, pencil, and paper. Everyone can then taste test and guess each flavor, and write down their answers. The guest that gets the most flavors right, wins. If there’s a tie, you can always make up a tiebreaker by making them each guess a second time on a flavor they got wrong the first time. The one who gets it right is the clear winner and will take home the prize. 

Diaper Derby

This one is a fun baby shower game idea that works well for the ladies and the gents. 

What you’ll need:

  • Plenty of toilet paper
  • A timer

This game is simple, hilarious, and will test your diaper changing skills. You just break your guests out into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. The number of guests determines how many teams you can have. Tell them to pick a team member to be the proverbial “baby.” Set a timer for five minutes and tell teams that when the timer begins to start wrapping a team member in toilet paper like a diaper. Get creative, because the most creative team with their diaper-wrapped “baby” is the winner once the timer dings. 

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby shower bingo is another fun way to keep guests engaged. 

What you’ll need:

  • Empty bingo scorecard or printable template from online
  • Pens or pencils

Pass out the bingo cards to all the baby shower guests and give them pens to mark their squares with. Get creative with this! Each square can read various baby items, baby names, or names of children's books. Or, each square can be a picture of baby items such as a baby bottle or baby clothes.

There are so many fun and unique baby shower games out there, a simple google search can yield quite the list. Look for games and activities that work well with crowds and don’t require a lot of materials to play. Then simply have fun and celebrate when the baby is born!

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